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hello there.

my name is sherrine francis and i was born and raised in dubai. i moved to british columbia when i was 16. this is the best thing that ever happened to me. (and no, i didn’t know that at 16.)

my love is G. we’re both teachers and met in high school (the one we teach at, not the one we went to.) we’ve been married for 5 years now. we live in a small suburban town, outside of vancouver. we’re the characters and that’s the setting.

2 weeks into dating, i knew I wanted to marry him. i didn’t tell my family. (he’s 14 years older than me which complicated things just a bit.)

i started this blog a few months after being married because I wanted to remember who we were before life happened to us.

this blog is our recorded story. i hope you’ll come along for the ride.

some things you should know:

1. community pools are my idea of hell.

2. showers make me feel like i have a second chance at life.

3. i believe equality and education are worth fighting for.

4. i am a reformed board game cheater.

5. i have a love affair with words and always go above the daily quota.

6. if i could relive one season of my life again, it would be when my mom had my baby brother. he was a precious baby and raising him is one of my sweetest memories.

7. saturday mornings are my jam: pyjamas. unwashed hair. and pancakes with tea.

8. i can’t commit to nail polish. i like my nails bare.

9. i’ve had a dislocated jaw for as long as i can remember.

10. i’ve wanted to grow up and be a mama since i was 11.

11. i’m in love with the ocean and also scared of it.

12. i’m a high school teacher. its a job that brings me joy and pain. cloudiness and epiphanies. and laughs. so much laughter.

13. the best advice i ever got was: its better to be happy than be right. (thank you, pre-marriage counselling.)

14. my sister is one the coolest people i know.

15. my last meal on earth would consist of pho, sushi and thai curry.

16. firetrucks + ambulances make my tummy turn. in an awful way.

17. g and i got married twice.

18. i have a lot of hair. nothing crazy, just a fact.

19. i find award shows incredibly inspiring.

20. i think raspberries are one of god’s greatest creations.

21. i collect blankets and coffee mugs.

22. i’ve never had a pet. i worry that i won’t be a very good pet owner.

23. i want to go to chef school before i die.

24. my parents are my bff’s.

25. i always have peanut butter within reach.

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