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hello, summer.

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I’m compelled to tell you about a little piece of magic I discovered recently. But before I do that, I need to give you context.

June is cuckoo season in the teacher world. September comes a close second, but if it were ever up for debate – June wins for crazy time. Think: graduation, report cards, award ceremonies, year-end celebrations, retirements, tallying inventories, exam invigilation, recycling all things paper and the real kicker – a band of teenagers with ants in their pants in muggy classrooms.

June is necessary because it’s the curtain call. And as emotional and exhausting as that final bow is, it’s completely worth it. And the whole year doesn’t make sense without it.

Every year, on the last day of school, we eat together as a staff; kiss each other goodbye and head in different directions for the summer. This year, a few of us decided to rent a cabin for the night before we headed into the sunset.

After (very) predictable scrambling at our desks, we were on the road to Hope. Turns out so was everybody else. {It’s funny how traffic can’t get me down when I’m headed towards a vacation.} We stopped for wine, cheese and all things bread at the local store and under an hour, we were at the lodge.

It’s called American creek lodge because it sits on a road called American creek. Know that it’s probably best to take a 4×4 up there, as the road to this beauty is a bumpy one.

The house sits atop 25 acres of breathtaking BC bounty with completely unobstructed views. It was built and designed by the owners themselves. You’ll very quickly realize that this home is a labour of love. The couple that built it clearly believes in creating spaces that gather friends and family – this is apparent at every turn. Their style is modern, functional and luxurious. The house has tons of natural light and you can’t help but see a big majestic mountain regardless of the window you are peeking out of.

Let’s talk about the kitchen. We spent a lot of time in here. We danced around the island and bumped into each other as we all created our contributions to the big (ongoing) evening feast.

Lesley assembled a glorious cheese platter while Kris recreated a old family favourite. Toni shook her heart out to make us her famous lemon drop martinis while I heated up samosas. Later that night, Debbi made us tacos with fresh avocado crema and Theresa and Sarah chopped up veggies for the salad. The following morning Carolyn toasted fresh bagels and brewed strong coffee while we nibbled on muffins and fruit. We made a mess and used practically every dish in the cupboard and here’s the kicker – its got two dishwashers!

This kitchen is home to gorgeous dishes and had practically every utensil you would ever need. You won’t have to bring a thing. (I mean it.) I would have loved to take a photo of every cupboard for you but here’s one. Yep, every kinda contraption you can drink out it – they have it.

The house accommodates 10 people comfortably and more if you’re happy to sleep on the couch. Side-note: If I could get married again, I’d do it completely differently – same man, different location. I would LOVE to get married on this porch. Can you imagine? Nestled in the mountains, hearing a train go by in the distance, friends along the stairs – sigh. Spread the word to all the unmarried folk. And then make sure they invite you.

We didn’t get a chance to use to use this big, beautiful table because we ate out on the patio every chance we go. Can you tell that we’re in love with sunshine? But, here’s where you’ll find me when I rent this home in the fall.

The patio is lined with solar powered lamps when you stumble back after the sun has set. Did I mention that they built the patio deck brick-by-brick? Wait, you know what I mean. Also, that heat lamp. (Hello.)

I can’t wait to go back with these girls next year. And try and sneak in a getaway with my family before that. The owners are still in the process of finishing the basement and expanding this already beautiful big home so it can accommodate more people.

If I had to narrow it down to one thing, it would have to be waking up to the mountains in the morning. We scored the master bedroom, which has a huge soaker tub behind the bed and wall-to-wall windows on the opposite side. The whole place is dreamy and larger than life.

Grab your favourite humans and go hideaway for a few days. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s how you can book the place: AirBnB 

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  1. Jenn says:

    Looks so beautiful, bright and spacious! Pinned this to my BC adventures board. :)

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