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tofino eats.

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The month of May has been very good to our bellies. I’ve been meaning to sit down and document all the restaurants we’ve eaten at lately because they were mostly all recommended to us by people we love. And a few were random stumbles. So, I must pass the good news on..

{On a side note, this is the silliest reason why I blog – but I forget names of things constantly and like having a database that I can look back on to remember specifics.} It’s mostly when I’m telling a story and can’t remember details – this makes G crazy. He’s all: “Why does it matter” and I’m all: “Who are we without detailed stories?” And he’s all: *face-palm*


Here’s what we ate in Tofino a few weeks ago:

We reached Tofino after a long day of working, driving and general ferry fury. We were too tired to walk to the main strip and didn’t feel like jumping back in our cars. So we chatted with our Airbnb host and asked him if there was something he recommended close by. He was like “You can have an overpriced slice of mediocre pizza down the street or walk an extra block and have a bowl of fish soup at SOBO.” He also said “The service is terrible but the soup makes up for it.”

soboWe trusted Nick. The service wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t great. We lingered around the counter with hungry eyes but no one came to greet us for a long time. Eventually hungry G waved his arms ecstatically and a girl nonchalantly walked up to us. She said she didn’t walk over before because they were already closed. Hah! We begged her to sell us a bowl of soup {promising that we would sit on the porch, so she wouldn’t have to clean a table after. She went for it.} As she was ringing us up – we quickly made it two bowls. And bread. Sneaky. Or desperate. Call it what you want – that soup was worth it. For $12 a bowl, my expectations were high. We sat on the porch like Hansel and Gretel, getting toasty by their fireplace. And then the soup arrived – generous chunks of wild salmon in a creamy dill broth. It’s good stuff, folks. And their sourdough bread is a 10 outta 10, too. Nick was right. Better than overpriced pizza.

So, we had to do Tacofino. I mean, anytime there’s hype..I’m grossly uncertain about the whole thing. I almost like proving the hype wrong. {What a stinker.}

We arrived at the bright orange truck to be greeted by one of the longest lines I’ve ever seen. It was a hot day and we had a bag of snacks. We were doing this.

45 minutes later, we were sitting on the edge of a rock, browner, hungrier and sweatier than before.

The masses were right. The food was fantastic. Their tacos were good but their fish burrito was VERY good. It’s massive and wonderfully flavoured. Tempura fish rolled in cabbage-y goodness with some sorta incredible sauce. I like to put a drop of Cholula before every bite, because I have a problem with hot sauce. But honestly, it didn’t need it.

G wants me to tell you that their Diablo cookie was very good. I had a quick bite and promptly went back to my burrito. Savoury over sweet for me, any day. He’s the opposite – reason #32 why this marriage works.


After a full day of walking around, we made our way to the Tofino Brewing Company. It’s a laid-back, cosy spot that houses lots of local craft beer. I’m not the biggest beer drinker. I almost always choose wine over beer but this spot was super cool regardless of what you drink. They fill growlers and sell beer in packs of 4. You can taste the beer before you buy it or you can sit down and enjoy a pint.

We were a long walk away from our AirBnb and didn’t want to have to carry anything back to our place, so we settled on flights instead. They give you the option of picking 4 outta their 6 beers on tap. Always a good way to go. I recommend their blond & spruce tree ale!


People raved about Shelter back at home. (Mostly about the food.) Its constantly busy and getting a table usually involves a wait. We were in Tofino on a weekend where the Penguins had a big game. I can’t remember who they were playing but I can tell you that G is a die-hard fan and it was playoff season. Our AirBnb didn’t have a TV so we were on a mission to find a good one. We looked at a couple of bar options and instantly loved the host at Shelter. He was warm, (super) French and knew his hockey. We warned him that we would be there for a few hours considering the possibility of overtime. He scooped us right up and reserved us two seats at the bar for the evening.

As it turns out, the game did go into overtime and we ended up staying at Shelter all evening. We ordered everything from a salad to the yam fries to the surf bowl and finally the burger. (I was  deep in the restaurant, hence the zero natural light.) But the fact that there’s only half a burger on my plate is a testament to how good it was. It’s their spring salmon burger. Now, the seafood in Tofino is (obviously) fresh and fantastic considering its location, but its not the only thing that makes this burger so good. It’s their combination of ingredients. Alfalfa sprouts, (almost a hash-brown styled grated) potato, pickled radish and apple coleslaw marinated in miso all tucked in this burger, on a really great bun with a juicy piece of salmon. You’d really like it.

We did Tacofino for me, so we did Chocolate Tofino for G (they are super close to each other.) It’s a teeny little place with very little standing room. It smells like the inside of a cauldron of chocolate (is that a thing?) We bought some chocolate to go and grabbed some gelato for our walk. I got their honey lavender and G got their mango sorbet. Mine was good but his was AMAZING. I could tell he wanted nothing to do with mine..but ate it because I wanted his. Good man..

So apparently Wolf in the Fog won an award for Canada’s best new restaurant. They don’t broadcast it in any way, they are quite understated actually. It was the last place we visited before we made our way back home to the main land. It was Mother’s day and so the place was bustling. We asked for a seat at the bar, in the hopes that it would be quicker and ordered right away. I’m so glad we sat at the bar – because look at how cute it is! We shared their tuna melt which was comforting and super tasty. They make their own bread – yum. We also had their Ratatouille which came with ricotta gnudi and a fennel salad. All I kept thinking was “how come I don’t make fennel salad?” It’s so freakin’ good.


We can’t wait to go back to Tofino. People tell us that storm season is a good time to go, but we’re already thinking about how we can go back sooner. It reminded me of California. Maybe its the surf culture or the friendly folk with tangled up beach hair or the incredible sunshine (at least the weekend we were there!) It’s a bit of a hike to get out there – but its so worth it. Wind-y roads and all.

We’re kinda dorky so we scoped out where we want to stay the next time we visit. The Ocean Village Resort is a cozy little spot with great views of the ocean. The staff were warm and friendly and they have a hot tub!

Go visit if you’ve never been. It’s a gem.

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