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AirBnB has my heart.

Not quite G’s. But I’m working on it. He complies every once in a while. But if he had it his way, we’d stay in hotels and never have to interact with other people. This is confusing because every time we have lived with other people, he’s WAY chattier than me. I am happy to wave quickly and retreat to my room. But he sweetly accepts the glass of wine and will stay up swapping life stories all night. Only to invite the host to come visit and stay with us the next time they are in our hood.

We had our first experience with AirBnB, 5 years ago in New York city, when we stayed at a fashion designer’s home. She wasn’t even in town during our stay. In fact, she was away in Florida getting hitched while we crashed at her place. How else do you think she paid for the wedding? Heh. Humanity is awesome.

Since then, we’ve rented single rooms and entire homes over the years. We’ve never had a bad experience. Our last one in West Seattle was particularly good.

I convinced G to do it again during our weekend in Tofino and I’m so glad we did. We booked with Nick on AirBnB. But you can also book directly through the website.

Nick offers several options depending on what your needs are. You can rent a single bed (in a shared room) or a separate room with your own private washroom. Lots of options whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or with a family. All of which are very affordable, which can be hard to find in Tofino.

Nick’s bright, yellow house is almost on the water. You can’t miss it with its bright red door and numerous wind chimes and surf boards. The front door has been barricaded down so you walk on through the patio.

The first thing you’ll see, is this beautiful mural by Kelly Darragh, a former Australian guest. Her work is incredible.You have to go visit to look at it closely – symbolism on crack, my friends.

The whole place is peppered with bookshelves. Some of these are real and others are an illusion. The bookshelves act as secret doors to bedrooms. This man is a wizard, I tell ya.

And this. Thoughts, quotes, sound bytes, everywhere you look. Nick invites his guests to leave  handwritten notes behind. And turns out hippies have a lot of thoughts. Really thoughtful thoughts. {Love that we all have this IKEA bag organizer. Who invented this genius piece of plastic that unites us all?}

This is where the party is. Board game playing, wine drinking, revelation all happens here. Nothing fancy but so functional.

I love this spot. Right across the mural, facing the mountains, imagine wind-chime tingles in your head. It’s the best spot in the house, in my opinion.

Let’s talk about Nick’s waffles. They are a thing. The booking mentioned that breakfast was included but to be honest, we planned on skipping it.  I’m always excited to go hunt for local coffee. But we stopped on our way out because they smelled so good.

So, this breakfast is one that is made with love. Nick invites you to pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, grab a plate and find a spot on the (large) community table. He slides a warm waffle onto your plate and says there’s more coming. (There really is.)

He makes his own peanut butter, grinds his own pumpkin seeds and..and..wait for it – makes his own chocolate AND sugar syrup.

And you’ll know the difference. Immediately.

Nick’s place reminds me why I love the concept of AirBnB. It’s communal but there’s space if you need to be alone. I love that we get to cross paths with people whose lives look nothing like ours and are somehow exactly like us.

Love wins, guys.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Love it, Sherrine. You’re such a lovely storyteller.

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