on ferry rides that lead to pizza.

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on ferry rides that lead to pizza.

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The island can sometimes feel like a pilgrimage. Well, at least on the weekend – it’s almost impossible to spontaneously hop on a ferry and hope that you’ll be there in a couple of hours.

We have missed many ferries and have fallen asleep in our cars waiting to get on. The whole process takes a few hours. I always look longingly at the ‘walk-on’ passengers. They always make it on. No car, no problem.


We planned to head to Tofino after work on Friday. Although we had reservations, we still raced to the ferry terminal because reservations (on the ferry) mean nothing if you’re late.

I have my ferry routine: I do a gift shop putter alternated by windy deck explorations. Then a round of grades by the window and boom we’re there.

Ferry rides feel archaic, the best possible way. Something about the water feels old school. I know people who hate the ferry ride. {Not this girl.} I like that it is a layered process. I like that its not guaranteed that you’ll make it. The waiting in line, to hoping that you’ll make it, to the excitement of finally loading on….all of it! It’s a process that can’t be rushed. And everyone waits their turn.

By the time we got to Nanaimo, we were famished. We decided that we would drive to Coombs and make it on car snacks till we got there. Coombs is about a 45 minute drive from the Nanaimo ferry terminal. You’ll pass Parksville which is also worth the stop.

Coombs is known for goats on the roof, which is basically what it sounds like. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite hanging out on the roof yet, but we did catch them in a pasture nearby doing the things goats do on a Friday night. Apparently, they find themselves on the roof by May long weekend, which is this coming weekend! The Old Country Market, (whose roof they hang out on all summer,)  is also a neat place. Lots of yummy produce and cool local and international foods.

The folks at the market, recommended that we eat at Cuckoo’s, which is a pizza place affiliated with the market. It is a beautiful old home which was converted into a trattoria not too long ago. The restaurant is dreamy..look at those big windows and scuffed up hardwood floors. We’ve been house shopping for too long, friends. I would gladly move into a restaurant if it meant not having to take the elevator to our place anymore. Argh.

The backyard/patio is especially gorgeous. I squealed under my breath (and almost stole someone’s bread basket) as we were being led out by our waiter. (You will too.) It reminded me so much of Florence!

Order their Italian herbed lemonade: basil + mint + rosemary. It’s on point.

We shared their vegetarian, hand-stretched thin crust. If I’m being totally honest, their pizza wasn’t my favourite. I thought the crust was overcooked and too crispy. {I like to really chew my gluten. Ha!} I think Famoso serves a WAY yummier pizza at the same price. But the atmosphere at Cuckoo’s is unreal. And its not a franchise. And there’s goats around the corner. All wins. 

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