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all things rhubarb.

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Growing up in Dubai meant that we never knew rhubarb existed. No one spoke of it and so we had no idea all the tarty goodness we were missing out on.

I remember visiting BC for the first time when I was 14. I was on an evening walk with my siblings and uncle when he pointed to a rhubarb plant and said something about its leaves being poisonous. That’s the kinda stuff that sticks with you forever..

Fast-forward a few years to university and I remember sharing a piece of rhubarb pie with an old friend, who was then a “new” friend. I played it cool and wondered if I should tell her that it was poisonous. I let her be the one to take the first bite and then went for it. (Afterall, we had grabbed the last piece of the pie..)

I was in love. Instantly.

To me, rhubarb is the sour candy of vegetable/fruit world. I always wonder why we never see “rhubarb” flavour as opposed to a “green apple” in the sour candy aisle, y’know?

I’m still learning how to cook with rhubarb. So far its been ALL desserts . . but I’d love to toss it in a salad soon.

So, I kicked off rhubarb season with Eva Kosmas Flores {adventures in cooking}, Raspberry Rhubarb Pinwheels.

These were incredible. But then again, everything Bri endorses is..

I taught my students how to make them. And they LOVED it. This recipe is a great recipe for a day when you have lots on your mind. It’ll put your hands to use and turn your brain off. It’s methodical and beautiful. Know, that you WILL squeal when they come out of the oven. The sticky center reminds me of the packaged jam cookies we ate growing up. All encased in a buttery pastry. Everyone wins.

Every time, I pull out my cookie sheet, I see my donut pan from the corner of my eye and tell myself that I should use it more. And so I made, Adrianna’s rhubarb poppy seed baked donuts.

I don’t get all googly eyed around donuts like everyone else does. I mean, I’d sell my soul for pastry. But donuts are donuts. So, keeping that in mind, these were okay. Nothing crazy. They are adorable but honestly speaking, they were a little too sweet for me. However, my brother LOVED them. He said they were light and melty. I ate these with a strong cup of black coffee and that was good after a long day of work.

The Foodess recommended Bon Appetit’s rhubarb almond cake and so I had to make it, mostly because I love Jenn.

If you like your desserts less sweet, you will love this one. It’s rich and crumbly, because of the ground almonds. And I love the concept of being able to see the rhubarb in all its stringy glory. I have a feeling it would freeze well in loaf form. I may have to investigate that feeling. Because it’s the kinda cake that tastes amazing with vanilla ice cream. That’s not a feeling. That’s a fact. Hah.

I’m not done experimenting with rhubarb. I have my eye on two more recipes but here’s a winner: Jennifer’s rhubarb curd. Jenn’s right when she says that you can eat it with a spoon. We ate it on toast and swirled spoonful’s of it in our oatmeal but I mostly ate it out of the jar.. Oh yes, and Alton Brown’s Dutch babies. That was an excellent move.


I’m off to find more rhubarb..

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2 Comments so far:

  1. Jenn says:

    Love your pics, Sherrine! The pinwheels and donuts are super cute *heart eyes*. And I totally agree about rhubarb vs. sour apple. xo

    • thehungrywife says:

      That means so much, Jenn. Mostly because I’m an amateur and you are the queen of food photography.xox

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