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Friday Favourites

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Good Morning, world.

I’m wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and waiting for the sun to rise. Steeped tea and a homemade granola bar are keeping me company.

Today’s a Pro-d Day in the teacher world. I’m heading to my own school and will get to spend all morning with Shelley Moore. She is a total rockstar in the education world. I got to see her speak 2 years ago as part of my graduate program and have been trying to get her to come inspire our staff since then. Today’s the day.

Before our session, the counsellors and I are going to make the staff a pancake breakfast. Warm berry compote, whipping cream and buttermilk pancakes off the grill. How every morning should start..

I live for days like this.

Days when I’m not the one is charge. Days when I get to sit and take it all in and not be the one doing the dance.

Before I go hit the shower, here’s my list of favourite things lately. This time, its all about Urban Outfitters. Because you know how I feel about that store.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.02.01 AM

01.// Spiral Notebooks These were on sale for $1.99 when we were in Montreal. They are not flimsy and are the perfect size for note-taking. Also, I love the affirmations on the cover. Might have to throw one in my bag for my masters program that starts next weekend. Can you tell that I’m a keener?

02.// His & Her To-Do List Notepad G picked this one up for our refrigerator when we were in San Deigo. This has turned into a little bit of a joke around the house. We never write in our own section, instead write down to-do’s for each other.

03.// Trapeze Dress This dress has already become a staple in my closet. I’ve worn it several times since when I picked it up in Montreal. Was also on sale for $20. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It fits well and is flattering. A great one for a day when you’re feeling bloated and sorta unappealing. I’ve been wearing it with tights but I’m sure it looks great bare-legged too.

04.// Three-Piece Headband The girls at Treasures & Travels always share creative ways on how to wear a headband. I have a sensitive head that gets easily sore from being tied down by a band. So I don’t buy them frequently. But this one had Urban made me drooly. Mine isn’t this colour but this style. It’s got 3 bands that overlap each other. One of those brands is braided – hello! I’m saving it for the summer.

05.// Flare Dress Another $20 find in Montreal. The fabric is all sway-y yet the dress itself is fitted and vibrant. There’s an eyelet right in the front that I need to do something creative with especially if I want to wear it at work. If you know what I mean.

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